Hello everyone, I am Anjali from 2k19, Chemical Engineering, not exactly….. I started my journey to the world of tech only after getting indulged in HnCC. To be a part of this prestigious club was a passion of mine when I was new to the college.

I was not interested & satisfied with my branch and I didn’t even know how can I move towards my goal which was also hidden in the clouds, that time.

The day I got the news that "Anjali, You are inducted in HnCC", it seemed cloud breaking, and all things got cleared to me then.

1. Android Development

I started my tech journey first with Native Android Development, as a beginner I thought of choosing such a platform in which I can visualize my work and that suited my need handily.

During the journey I learned many things and my curiosity to learn more got its height. I started making APIs use it in my Android projects. Explored the concept of JSON Parsing, Volley, Room database, Firebase, and many more.

One of the apps of mine that I made using the concepts learned:-

BIT NETWORK —–> It is an open-source project made to connect Alumni, Teachers, Non-Teachers, Seniors all together via this platform, they can post contents, comment, chat with anyone and a much more with superb frontend. Some glimpse of it :




check out this project at my github bit network

Check all of my Open Source Projects at GitHub

2. Competitive Programming

While leading with Android Dev, I felt the importance of Competitve Programming(CP) including Data Structure and Algorithms. This is the base without which we can’t get success in any of the tech stacks, I planned to start this next.

Initially I didn’t know, where to start. But, Under the guidance of my seniors, I started CP, it seemed a bit difficult to me at that time but something comes to you after a long struggle and later on, I found myself in the track of CP, and it is quite interesting.

My Journey Of CP would be revealed here.

3. Backend Web Development

Then I made Web Projects too to sharpen my knowledge in Clouds, Networking, IP Address, Port and deep-dived into it as I found it interesting in this journey, I learned Nodejs, and used some of its packages and frameworks.

I believe anything that has been learned theoretically is not much efficient than using this knowledge to make a real-world project.

Here are some of my web apps which was made using Nodejs and Express with Express-generator , namely EMS & PMS.


4. Journey To Open Source, THE HACKTOBERFEST

Wait, It was not all about, after all this, in the starting of October, I got the real idea behind Open Source & it’s usage. Contributing to it I realized that this will give me the skills to present my application effectively or can say HOW TO GET YOUR APPS TO PRODUCTION LEVEL.

I tried to participate in each event organized in Hacktoberfest and made my 4PRs by late night on October 1st, I didn’t know about my labor would be right back to me, and yes……

I GOT MY T-SHIRT FOR MY 4 PRs THAT GOT MERGED. Not only that, I got bundles of stickers and a Dev Badge also.

I started following some experts in the field of my interest at Dev Post and started to participate in Hackathons and Projects

Some Achievements Of HACKTOBERFEST


And the journey continues..........